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Webinar: Outcomes Working Group: Indicators to Identify Early Client Stress

Featured speakers will be Bobbi Gray of Grameen Foundation, and Caitlin Scott of Friendship Bridge (Guatemala).

Ms. Gray has been working on pilot testing various stress indicators, and has done some thinking about how to integrate tracking negative outcome indicators as well as positive ones into the discussion of an institution's theory of change and how to monitor progress toward its desired outcomes. 

Friendship Bridge developed this really creative game that clients play that essentially puts them in situations where they have financial stress and they have various options of how to respond.  It has produced a lot of lively discussion and interesting insights for Friendship Bridge on how clients react to financial stress, and they weren't getting such open feedback by asking direct questions because clients were afraid to be honest about their level of over-indebtedness.  Ms. Scott is going to tell us how the game works and share what insights Friendship Bridge has gotten from it so far and how they plan to use that data.

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